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One of the Benefits of PMS: Remembering Your Dreams

Posted by Nirmala N.

If you're a woman who notices that you dream a little differently the week before your menstrual cycle, there's a valid reason for that. In this period (no pun intended), researchers say, women who tend to suffer from moderate to severe premenstrual syndrome actually are accustomed to disruptions in their sleep patterns. In fact, women tend to wake up more frequently or sometimes earlier in the morning; this kind of constant disruption means that they could be waking up smack in the middle of their REM sleep cycle, during which they are probably dreaming. Since we only remember dreams that we wake up from, this means that PMSing women might actually be able to recall their dreams better during that time of the month than any other.

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I have dreams that wake me up very angry Heart racing. Very jealous. I'm hot just like when I'm PMS freaking out. This would happen when I was married and now it happens involving my boyfriend. The dreams are about him. I get so angry and it wakes me up wide awake and I'm angry at them for awhile.
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