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One Easy Way to Stop Memory Problems and Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted Jul 19 2012 5:38pm


  • Are you having memory glitches? (I will not say “senior moment” – no such thing!)
  • Are you walking slower, “wobbling” when you walk or not walking at all?
  • Are you concerned about your brain health and loss of your mental abilities “some day?”

My mom’s brother, my uncle Johnny, died a few months ago; my mom always said, “All he does is walk. He’s always walked… after cows, in the fields, always walking.” Uncle Johnny was 90. His brain was sharp and worked perfectly. He was slender all his life. He had no apparent illness. His body was just ready to go.


1 in 8 people over 65 has Alzheimer’s Disease. This number will grow with the aging of the boomers.

Four new studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Vancouver, Canada, agree with my uncle Johnny’s lifestyle of walking, walking, walking and a healthy brain. They’ve tied walking ability to memory and cognitive decline, and may one day help doctors diagnose the disease earlier, researchers say.

Mobility impairments are often associated with dementia, and some gait changes may even appear before cognitive decline can be detected by traditional testing methods,” study author Dr. Stephanie A. Bridenbaugh, a researcher at the Basel Mobility Center in Switzerland, said in a press release. “When problems emerge, this may provide early detection of fall risk and the earliest stages of cognitive impairment in older adults”

Bridenbaugh said an analysis of a patient’s gait won’t replace a comprehensive neurological exam for diagnosing Alzheimer’s, but it may be a helpful tool for detecting disease progression.



Oh,and  my uncle Johnny and aunt Dorothy were master polka dancers as well, several times a week for about 60 years! Right up there with walking! 


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