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Mind body healing

Posted by Tamar F.

Vitality magazine, the publication put out by Blue Cross, has been extolling the cost-effectiveness of certain mind-body therapies: breathing, meditation, relaxation cognitive response, body movement, cognitive behavior strategies, biofeedback, guided imagery, self-hypnosis, qi qong and yoga. Different strategies are used for different health problems – the person facing childbirth (an “acute challenge”) will have to have different therapies than the person with chronic illness.

It seems that these are some of the therapies they recommend most for pregnant people, because you are not introducing the potential toxins of ingestible medicine into the body. The magazine is clear to say that these therapies are not a “cure” for any condition.

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I am glad to see these large health insurance companies seeing the benefits of mind-body therapies. Of course, they are pushing them because they know that they can help their bottom line (the more their customers do these things, the less the company will have to pay out down the line). If everyone incorporated mind-body techniques into their daily lives, then our world would be a much happier, more peaceful place.
Me, too!  People aren't aware that Martha Beck life coaches, of which I am one, work with all those cognitive techniques and more.  I focus entirely on mind-body-spirit healing in my coaching practice by helping people work through the many myriad of ways the mind can trip us up and create stress.  It's fun to be here in this community and find like-minded people!
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