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Material Assets: Are You Missing This Bedrock Principal To Acquiring More Money?

Posted Aug 23 2010 8:56am
Material Assets - Rain of DollarsMost entrepreneurs and solopreneurs based their success on getting material assets.
This desire although necessary can cloud your thinking and as a result you may ignore your health which can cost a ton of money for high blood pressure medication.
Life does not have to be this stressful. There are several know solution that not only can save you money but make your dream of health, wealth and happiness a reality.
And I am about to debunk the myth that has created this false way of thinking about material assets.
Here’s the myth: Stress causes you to strive for more and more material assets
Wayne: That’s not really stress, is it?

Cecil: No it’s not, but that’s the myth. The myth is that it’s stress. We have been taught from a young age to acquire material assets. That’s the barometer. That tells us that we’ve “arrived.”

Wayne: If that’s what you’re focused on, does that not cause more and more stress?

Cecil: Initially, it doesn’t appear that way. It appears that you are after your outcome and that it’s okay.

It’s like going to the buffet table. You go up to the buffet table and see all your favourite stuff. You have a choice. You can take a little bit and come back tomorrow, or you can take as much as you want and become constipated.

What we do in the context of the material possessions is we become constipated because we just want more and more and more. After a while, the constipation sets in because we’re not happy and we’re not going anywhere.

You say, “I thought I needed material assets.” Yes, your assets are important. Material possessions are necessary for us to function in some form or fashion, but excess is where the problem is.

The question then is, “If you want more and more Physical assets, who do you, need them for?” What I’ve discovered from my experience is a lot of us need them for attention or to prove something in a material context.

That’s fine, but the consequence is you’ll pay with your health.

It’s going after the material assets, focusing on that and neglecting your family, your children and your wife that puts a lot of stress on you. Stress accumulates over the years because you’re not really interested in anything else but material possessions.

You still have to live your life.

You still have to communicate with your family and whoever is around you.

You might have the material possessions, but I’ve seen a lot of cases where people have the material assets and I see them in the hospital.

They say, “Cecil, I never thought I would be in here.”

We don’t understand that we need to have a balance in life. You just can’t go focusing on the material. We also have to look at ourselves internally and what helps us to stay healthy so that we can enjoy our lives.

Now that you understand the secret principle on how to acquire material assets, you can consider paying more attention to yourself because you are the key to your health and happiness.

What is so exciting about these new perspectives, is that they can accelerate the journey on your road of business success, or revive a flagging effort you may have abandoned, and inject you with new hope and energy.

We welcome you feedback. Comment below and tell us what you think.

Cecil McIntosh, guides solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs worldwide to clear your head, learn to relax, stress less and overcome chronic symptoms so that you can quickly experience profound peace, power and work life balance. You can get the other 20 Tips of 21 no-brainer shortcuts to achieving health and happiness at  You can reach Cecil at

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