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Mar 23, Aromatherapy Diffuser Reeds - A Product Review

Posted Mar 22 2010 5:37pm

Many aroma therapy products have been in use like essential oils, bath gels, shower gels, soaps, shampoos and many such beauty products.

One of the products of aromatherapy that has gained a lot of positive feedback is aromatherapy diffuser reeds.

The major advantage of using this product is you do not need any fire to get a sweet smell flowing in the entire house!

Before we jump to any conclusions, we should look at the pros and cons of the aroma therapy diffuser reeds. The other options available are fragrance lamps and scented candles.

Fragrance lamps need energy to start and then run on the fuels and burns till it is consumed. The major drawback is you need to be careful about it till it burns out, so that it does not cause unnecessary troubles like smoke and fire.

The scented candles have to be burnt out before going to bed or leaving the house because they definitely would be perceived as more dangerous than the lamps.

The best solution is diffuser reeds. They do not need any fire to start it and spread the scent slowly and safely over a prolonged period of time.

The excellent factor that needs to be understood is safety point of view. The diffuser reeds can be left on for days and nights and one bottle can last for few months!

Here are some recommended Aromatherapy Diffuser Reeds:

Therepe Reed Diffusers

Therepe Reed Diffusers

This product is cheap and worth all its money. It consists of a stylish vessel containing the aromatic essential oil or fluid and due to capillary action, the liquid rises in the reed and is dispensed into to the atmosphere.

Thus, it can be easily replaced once the essential oil is all absorbed into the atmosphere and thus, is extremely cost-effective.

It comes in a beautiful packaging, which of course is not as beautiful as the actual product itself! It is especially refreshing after a hard and long day’s work.

The pot that holds the aromatic liquid is not bulky and using decorative pots further enhances the artistic flavor of the same.

Nectaire reed diffuser – Vanilla Bean

Nectaire Reed Diffuser - Vanilla Bean

This reed diffuser is slightly costly than the Therepe reed diffuser but the fragrance of vanilla bean has won the hearts of all those who have bought it!

It is especially suitable for those who are allergic or sensitive to strong scents.

The subtle smell of vanilla in the air has been described as bliss by many customers! The aromatic reed diffuser has been found to have positive benefits for almost all who have bought it and has become an irreplaceable part and parcel of the lives of many!

They have been used as gifts for near and dear ones and once into one house, it takes no time in the word to spread about this awesome product that it ends being a part of the entire neighborhood.

Essenza reed diffuser – Papaya Vanilla and Rosemary Olive

2 Pack Essenza Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance Oil Gift Set - Papaya Vanilla and Rosemary Olive

This diffuser has shown to have special advantages when used in the smelly basements, as its fragrance spreads over a long time.

Also, the liquid takes a long time to evaporate, thus being cheap.

It has a stronger smell and thus creates an ambiance in the entire house! It is of great help in those houses wherein there are pets. It helps overcome the stuffy odd smells emanating from such houses.

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