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Managing Emotional Stress with Acupuncture

Posted Apr 15 2008 1:11pm 3 Comments
A 53-year-old man comes to me with low back pain. A 35-year-old woman presents with painful menstrual cramps and blinding headaches. And a 17-year-old boy comes in with stomach cramps and anxiety. What do they all have in common? Their symptoms were brought on by emotional stress.

Always in Chinese Medicine we are getting to the root of the problem and formulating a treatment plan from there. In cases like the ones above, I start the patient talking. There is great therapy in "getting it off one's chest." Almost immediately I can see the shoulders relax and the patient will resume a normal pattern of breathing. The tension begins to melt out of the face. His/her throat relaxes and the voice becomes more clear and pleasant.

We can now talk about the physical manifestations of pain in the body caused by emotional stress and devise a treatment plan that will look something like this:

1. Acupuncture sessions that will focus on eliminating emotional stress as well as its unpleasant physical manifestations;
2. Dietary changes...just a few changes, I promise;
3. Breathing exercises, or pranayama as it is called in yoga;
4. Emotional support.

I am here for you. Come in and let me restore the smooth flow of qi and blood in your body so that you may move with ease and enjoy your days.

Thank you for reading.
Tamara ZumMallen
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I've been getting acupuncture sessions for the treatment of stress and depression, which tend to manifest themselves in neck and shoulder cramps. I haven't been going long enough to see tangible results, but I always walk out of my session feeling like a million bucks.

Hi Tamara, How many acupuncture sessions does it typically take to begin seeing the stress relief?


Hi Joe!

That's a good question. Thanks for asking. Each case varies but everyone feels at least some small relief at the first session. Sometimes asking for help and trusting that help is right in front of you can start the healing process. I like to recommend 2 acupuncture sessions/week for three to four weeks. I find that after that, most patients want to return every month or every other month for a "tune-up."

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