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Making the Shift: PowerLESS to powerFUL in PTSD recovery

Posted Apr 26 2010 12:00am

goal-obiakpere Welcome to the all new, even more self-empowered Monday series, “Making the Shift”! These posts will be geared toward directly helping you shift from powerless to powerful so that you can access, utilize and increase your PTSD healing potential. Let’s dive right in!

I’ve been looking back over the past five years, taking a good look to assess two things: 1) what most helped me to overcome symptoms of post-traumatic stress, 2) what has helped the hundreds of survivors I’ve met, talked to, heard from all around the world who moved forward in their PTSD recovery.  What I’ve noticed is no surprise: the one thing we all seem to have in common is…. drum roll, please ….. a strong, self-empowered attitude.

We all know how difficult it is to achieve anything if we have a negative perspective. If we approach a task with a multitude of limiting beliefs, false interpretations, assumptions, or a pesky inner critic the project feels overwhelming, heavy and there seem to be a multitude of insurmountable objects. Conversely, when we have high hopes for something, when we expect that we will be successful and are aware of the skills, tools, resources and talents we possess to achieve our goal(s), then we feel energized, ready to work and confident of success. That’s a big difference.

My first question to all of you: How do you feel about the PTSD recovery process? Do you feel overwhelmed, heavy and as if you’re facing insurmountable objects? Or are you energized, ready to work and confident one day you will triumph?

Okay, I hear the collective groan. Of course, you don’t always feel energized and full of confidence every day. You’re dealing with some very heavy stuff and that would make anyone bow with the burden some days, while soaring with hope on others. That having been said, there are ways to empower your thoughts and recovery process so that you benefit from the strength you naturally possess. Even if that strength has been buried by some trauma junk, it’s possible to access it.

I deeply believe that at the base of PTSD healing is a committed, self-empowered mindset. As a matter of fact, I don’t think you can heal without it. Your ability to achieve freedom begins with your belief in your ability to achieve freedom. Not to worry if you’re feeling powerless in your mindset (or any other part of your PTSD recovery) that’s all about to change.

At the base of creating a self-empowered healing mind is making the shift from powerless to powerful.  As you do that, you will be amazed to watch how your healing journey becomes infused with your own deep internal power which is, let’s be serious, the reason you’ve come as far as you have anyway.

The first step in this process is being clear about what you want. I’ll go into this more next week. For now, I’ll ask you to mull this question (feel free to leave your answer in the comments, or shoot me a private email):

In all of this recovery work, what is your ultimate goal?


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