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Magnet Therapy 101

Posted by Tracii H.

Static magnets have been used for centuries in efforts to relieve pain or to obtain other alleged benefits (increased energy, better mental functioning, etc). Many anecdotal reports have indicated that people have experienced significant, and at times dramatic, pain relief after the application of static magnets over the painful area. Magnet therapy is also touted as a reliever of circulatory problems, toxicity of the liver, chronic fatigue, and memory
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I just received a magnetic bracelet from a friend. It is supposed to promote some of the things you mentioned above, like lack of energy. I find myself being quite fatigued at times, and I wonder if wearing the bracelet (with the magnet where the face of a watch would sit) would actually give me more energy.

Has anyone worn such a bracelet for an extended period of time, and if so, what benefits, if any, did you experience?

I've heard of people wearing magnetic bracelets to combat sickness, but I am wondering how and why this works, scientifically. Anybody know?

I've been wearing my magnetic bracelets quite a bit and I haven't noticed too much of a difference. I didn't feel like I had more energy than usual.

And maybe it was just coincidental, but not too long after I first put it on I got a headache.

My husband has one that has a velcro closure. He wears it when his wrist hurts and swears that it helps.
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