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Look Out For Your Outlook! (1/2)

Posted by S. L.

Did you know that by choosing your outlook on life you can reduce your risk for problems such as: depression, poor communication, loneliness, aggression, hopelessness, getting stuck in the role of victim. How can I influence my outlook on life? By ?outlook? I mean how each of us chooses to view our lives. There is always a choice to be made, and that means that each of us can make an individual decision about how we choose to approach life. We all use our five senses of vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell to understand our world. Since we use these tools to understand our environment, it would be logical to assume that we perceive the world in the same way. But it is our individual interpretation of that information in a way that supports our view of the world -- and our place in it. For example, if a person thinks that the world is basically a good and positive place, s/he will tend to notice events and details that support that perception. On the other hand, if an individual believes that life is basically tough and unpleasant, s/he will notice those things that support that outlook. The outlook on life that you choose affects your interactions with others, your work and family life and, not least, your health. Part two of this article will give you some ideas about how you can become more conscious of your thought patterns and ultimately influence your outlook - and quality! - of life. (SRL - 05/2007)
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