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Limit Holiday Gift Buying Stress - Start Buying Early

Posted Oct 24 2011 2:02am


No, this is not a push to buy, buy, BUY! If you follow my teachings you know that I’m not about buying any more than is necessary and practical, plus a little extra here and there! However, if you’re going to buy gifts for the holidays, which you know you are, then start early, plan it out and enjoy the process!

I just talked to my friend Jean in Florida, she’s already done buying her 43 Christmas gifts - for children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, plus a few friends! She loves it and it works just fine for her. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday giving - one of the tips in my ebook Holiday Stress BE GONE!

Use this keys to keep your holiday focus enjoyable and less stressful:

1. Plan: Who are you shopping for and for what?

2. Ask: Ask them what they want, don’t guess.

3. Sales: Take advantage of sales with your plan and requested list of ideas.

4. Shop to Give Smart: Keep receipts and ask for GIFT RECEIPTS to include in the gift if they need or want to return. Know the return policy of the store so that a gift can actually be returned after Christmas, or they’ll be stuck with it!

5. Enjoy!: If you find yourself complaining, griping and stressing, it’s time to  stop, breathe and ask yourself why. This is your “choice” to shop and to give the way that you do. Take charge of your  shopping and giving experience, it should always be fun.

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