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Lengthen Your Telomeres for a Younger Life

Posted Jan 29 2013 8:00am
gene in DNA.  

Do you want to feel younger and reverse aging in your body? I’m sure the answer is

a yes, yes? :)

There a plenty of things we can do to feel younger and not grow “old” before our

time. There’s usually nothing new under the sun in books, articles, etc. until I

read about this method – it’s about telomeres.


What’s a telomere?

Telomeres (tell-o-meers) is a portion of the DNA strand that often shortens and

frays with age.  Whatever can “lengthen” them helps our bodies and brains stay



I saw an article in Sunday’s paper, January 27th Parade issue, a Stay Healthy

Quiz and one of the quiz items was about telomeres. It read:

True or false:

To feel younger, just open your window blinds.

Answer: True.

Looking out a window onto natural, outdoorsy scenes may reduce blood pressure

and other markers of stress, several new studies show. More remarkably, in a

2009 experiment reported in the Lancet , older people in Hong Kong who lived near

open, green spaces had longer telomeres, a portion of the DNA strand that often

shortens and frays with age. In effect, they had younger cells.



Seems like a pretty easy thing to do, open the drapes and look outdoors at nature!

Hey, why not double your opportunity to be younger, GET OUT THERE IN NATURE!!

. . .  and walk and hike and play and see it while in it! :)



Here’s a book that might be of interest all about telomeres:

book cover - Immortality Edge

The Immortality Edge:  Realize the Secrets of Your Telomeres for a Longer, Healthier Life  






1.  Find more studies in Lancet. 

2.  Click here and find lots of articles and videos from Nobel Prize winners on the subject on GOOGLE.


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