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Lazy Saturday Knitting

Posted Oct 06 2007 5:12am 1 Comment

I am going to spend the entire afternoon with needles in my hands. I'm entitled to a bit of relaxation after the long arduous week I've had.

I'm currently working on a winter hat, scarf and fingerless gloves for myself. Before I do any of this, I've got to mail some long promised/as yet undelivered items to two people I admire. Both have been waiting on their stuff for a month and the guilt over not sending it sooner hasn't made me feel well at all. :(

I'm going to think positive thoughts though. I just have to take pictures of one of the scarves and then I'll post pictures and such to my Wordpress blog after I come back. Then...muahahaha...the day is MINE! *Gerbil growl*

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I look forward to seeing some pictures of the scarves. It's good to just stay home and do things for yourself. A lot of people feel guilty about taking vacation or a day off work (I know I do b/c I'm a workaholic), but it is really necessary to step away and do what you enjoy.
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