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Laugh Away!

Posted by Swati S.

Laughter is great. It helps to get a light-hearted perspective to life and brightens up the day. Where pre-school children laugh up to 400 times a day, adults conserve their energy by limiting their laughter to only 17 times a day. So, what has made us so grumpy and can we do something about it? Try these things to see if you can introduce more laughter into your life. 1. TV & Movies: Remember the laughs you had watching "Friends?" Pick a serial on TV that gets you cracking, or rent a good movie that will help you laugh off your stress. 2. Friends: Share a joke with a friend. You can try going out for a funny movie with a group of friends. Watching it as a group will make you enjoy it more. 3. Take things easy: Look back and think of some really bad things that have happened in the past. They may have seemed tragic back then, but now they have just become a good story to share with others. The point is that things cannot be so bad and even though is not easy, try to see the lighter side of things. 4. Laugh it off: Even if you don't find things to be rib-tickling fumy, try to laugh about them. Even simulated laughter is infectious. At the end of a yoga class, the instructor normally asks everyone to laugh loudly. Initially, people are conscious and embarrassed, but pretty soon, a chain reaction sets in and the fake laughter actually gives way to the real thing.
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