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is there any more time in a day?

Posted by tia m.

life is so busy, with family and work and extran activities with the kids,its so hard to stay focused on me time cuz during me time its easy to find myself doing extra house work running extra errands, is there in more time in a day? i have to get more organized, i have to declutter my house my mind my life in order to achieve my healthier living goals, in order to have a healthier life. well today is the day, declutter goal #1 get rid of everything i don't use or i dont wear. by the end of the week i should have better breathing room and hopefully iwill have lost 1.5 pounds.
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I think that you hit the nail on the head--"decluttering" is all about simplifying and for me, simplicity is one of the prime qualities representative of a stress-free life. Getting rid of the things that don't serve us in any way--whether this means objects, behaviors, or relationships--is definitely something I've learned to do along the way in order to maintain a peaceful state of mind.
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