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I Know This Is America, But...

Posted Mar 10 2008 10:55am 1 Comment

Arguing ....why do people who are supposed to be on the same page argue so much? Why does each person always try to justify their position? Why does someone always have to get the last word in?

The ironic thing here, is that I am the same way. That is, when I want to confront or argue a point. As I mature, I am learning that it is just a waste of time to argue a point to an audience that will never understand it. Some people just do not have the level of intelligence to understand. Or is it that they really don't want to change their viewpoint?

What I like is someone who comes straight to the point and tells it how it is - no fluff! Then, they back off and let others ponder their point. That is, if they want to ponder the point. Some will say, "He knows nothing.", and walk away. More importantly, the person desiring to make a point, and is direct about it, no fluff involved, should be able to rest easy that he served his purpose and did the best he could. THAT's how more people should be.

Hey, it's America! I am entitled to making that point.

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I completely agree with you. I think I'm a fairly opinionted person and while I have no problem expressing my opinions, I never try to persuade someone to change their mind. I think this is because I understand that there are so many different modes of thinking--how can mine possibly be the "best"? In truth, it's only the best for me, and people should feel free to disagree without having to convert someone else to their way of thinking.
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