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Hypnosis for Insomnia

Posted by Stephanie B.

Hypnosis can be an excellent tool to fight insomnia. A hypnotherapist can hypnotize you to fall asleep more quickly and easily by clearing away any fears, anxieties, or bad habits that may be behind your sleep problems. Self-hypnosis can also be extremely helpful, and many free online resources teach self-hypnosis. (Just search!) Purchasing a hypnosis or meditation audio - or creating your own - is also an easy way to hypnotize yourself before falling to sleep.
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It's great to see you back on the site, Stephanie! I'm interested in using hypnosis as a way to deal with sleep deprivation. I've been an on and off sufferer of insomnia for the past two years or so. I recently got a CD from a place called the Centrepoint Institute, and they incorporate hypnosis with meditation/breathing exercises so the idea is that if you listen to the CD before sleeping, not only do you fall asleep easier but you also essentially get a very effective meditation session at the same time.
I agree with your comments Stephanie.  However, not all on line hypnosis CDs are created equal. In fact, some of them are really bad!  As a hypnotherapist and NLP trainer I recommend this website for high quality insomnia self-help CDs that really do the job from relaxation to fear of flying -

Yes, Hypnosis really works well for insomnia problem.  When I have faced problems of insomnia my friend advised try hypnosis and suggest I got hypnotheraphy cd's and information's from them which helped me to relax from my problem. 


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