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How to treat agoraphobia successfully

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:52pm

barbed_wire_5 While agoraphobia is not something that directly poses a threat to life, there is a need to treat anyone who suffers from this kind of a disorder in order for them and those around them to be able to go through life normally.   Agoraphobia is a panic disorder that stems from a fear of experiencing a panic attack in a situation or location that could be difficult to get out off without experiencing embarrassment.

Agoraphobia can be treated successfully with the help of the sufferer, that is the key.  People suffering from agoraphobia normally do not know what triggers their anxiety attacks and therefore try to avoid being in places where they feel stressed and could be embarrassed by such attacks.  They usually fear being alone outside their homes, being in a crowd, traveling for long periods in a closed vehicle, or being in any enclosed area an eventually can be the fear of being afraid and losing control.
Agoraphobia treatment differs from one sufferer to another.  The causes for agoraphobia are not definite as each one could have a different trigger from another.  Their anxiety attacks occur randomly and unpredictably in episodes.  This is the reason why these patients try to avoid places that cause severe anxiety to them.  To prevent agoraphobia from progressing into other conditions such as depression,  alcohol or drug dependency, and other non related medical conditions such as  chronic fatigue and hypertension, it is necessary for those who are exhibiting such symptoms to seek agoraphobia treatment.

Treatment for agoraphobia includes psychiatric evaluations and psychotherapy, as well as antidepressant medications (if necessary).  Cognitive behavioral therapy is also often necessary for successful treatment of agoraphobia and this is one treatment that I think is the most effective.  All these should be taken in combination to be able to successfully treat agoraphobia.   The patient shall be gradually exposed to the particular situations identified to be triggering his attacks.  This technique is called desensitization and is considered to be an effective, although not easily developed, way of permanently treating agoraphobia.

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