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How to Make Organizing Rewarding!

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:01pm

closet-organized-2.jpg  A continuously organized closet is a happy closet! REWARD!

When you “practice organizing” and get a rhythm to decluttering and bringing order and (almost) continuous joy to your space, it actually is very rewarding.

Like everything else in life, organizing is a habit. A bad habit = clutter, messes, frustration and no organizing. A good habit = organized and decluttered areas of the house by doing it on an ongoing basis to keep up and enjoy your space.

Let’s focus on the good habit!

1. One way to start your good organizer habit is to start with one zone or area and keep it decluttered all the time. Maybe just the kitchen counter or a coffee table. As you get this down pat, choose another area and reclaim control over it. Take a week or two for each area to really see the incoming and outgoing traffic. As you do this one by one, you will be in charge of your environment again (or for the first time!) REWARD!

2. Another good way to stay on top of incoming and stagnant stuff and things, is to plan a weekly go round with a large garbage bag the day before trash day. Be ruthless! Check every room for anything to throw out. These are really things that have no HOME in your HOME (bah-bye) aaaand, they can’t be donated or recycled, they’re really trash. REWARD!

3. If it’s donatable, have a second bag or box that you sort for these items. Go round again if you don’t want to carry it with you the first time. Feels great to release things for others to use. REWARD!

4. If it’s recyclable, do another walk through. REWARD!

TIP: If you have kids have them help you as they’ll start seeing how they contribute to the mess! Discuss as you go how there are things you keep finding that are tossed that maybe they don’t need more of! There’s a concept!! :-DREWARD! REWARD! REWARD! REWARD!

BONUS: Think of all the good exercise you’ll get doing this in a couple trips around your castle, as well and really finding things you were missing and remembering where things are when you do need them. REWARD! again!

All good!

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