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How to Improve the Design of your Office and Cope with Stress in the Same Time?

Posted Oct 27 2012 11:24pm

Working in any sort of office can be very hard and stressful. You are constantly thinking about a lot of things in one second, and you have to cope with deadlines, indecisive clients, inefficient employees, employers that are hard to get along with, and the list goes on and on. At the end of your work-day, you are in such a mood that you can’t wait to get home and rest. But, you have to ask yourself this question: “What can I do to make it a bit better for me?”

When you are dissatisfied at work, the time will come when you will notice that it is becoming harder and harder to deal with your job obligations, and, eventually, you will either start thinking about quitting, or you will get fired, since your overall working efficiency will not be as good as it used to be. Both situations will result with negative consequences, since, in the business world today, it is very hard to even get employed in the first place, and, without a job and a regular income, you have to think a lot about how to acquire the most essential living necessities.


People are not aware that it is, actually, not that hard to improve your working conditions. In most cases, all it takes is just beautifying the working environment. If you are working in an office with four white walls, an old desk, an uncomfortable chair, and an excuse for a computer, after not that much time you will begin noticing signs of depression. Keep in mind that your mental health is very important. If you are stressed, or depressed, chances are that your immune system will start failing you, and it is more likely that you will end up suffering from any kind of a disease. Continue reading to see how to deal with this issue.

Better comfort in your working environment

First of all, you should improve the comfort in your office. Comfortable chairs, functional desks, and loads of other furniture related issues should be dealt with. If you are an employee, it is only natural that you demand these sorts of things from your employer, and, on the other hand, if you are an employer, it is highly advisable that you contribute to the comfort of your work-force. There are many businesses that specialize in manufacturing quality office furniture, specifically. You should contact such a company to see what options are available for you.


You must agree that it is better to work in an office that has leather arm chairs, polished office computer desks, well-functioning drawers and cupboards and, for example, comfortable sofas, rather than to be surrounded by old and ugly-looking furniture. This is not good just for the employees and their overall working efficiency, but for the potential customers, as well. Imagine a situation where a customer enters your office, and you are in the middle of an important meeting. You need to have a place where the client will sit down and wait for you. If you don’t have such a place, you risk losing the client, and this is bad for business, generally speaking. Also, the client will think better of you, if your office looks decent and this will definitely work to your advantage. Keep in mind that every single client has a lot of acquaintances. When a person exits your office, and he or she feels satisfied with your services, chances are that he or she will put in a good word for you, and therefore attract new clients. Above all, there is no logical reason why you shouldn’t have quality office furniture in an office environment, since, in most cases, people spend more than half a day there, all week long, and they should feel as much as at home as possible.

Get the office in contact with nature

The corporate world is tough. Big buildings and the overall urban environment are making people lose their touch with nature, which is very important (it has been important since the ancient times). It is not only advisable to “naturalize” your home, but your working environment as well. So, make sure that you have some elements of both flora and fauna in your office. The former is an easy task (just bring some plants that you consider beautiful). The latter may seem confusing. When I say “fauna” I am not implying that you should have a traditional pet, like a cat or a dog, in your office, because they run around and they can be able to create total chaos. The best thing to go for is purchasing an aquarium.


Aquarium making is a business that has developed a lot, and now, you have a great number of aquarium designs available in the market. They can be small and fit for almost any place, or they can take up an entire wall surface. They can be cuboid-shaped, in the shape of a bowl, or they can have an abstract and very creative design.  Nevertheless, an aquarium is the best options to choose from, when adding element of the animal kingdom to the office environment is concerned.

So, after reading the text above, imagine an office that looks like this:

You are sitting in a comfortable office chair that supports your back, and it is so comfortable that you are thinking of actually napping there, instead of home (after work, of course).

In front of you is a fine desk, with a number of drawers. It is big enough and you can comfortably put your computer monitor, your mouse and keyboard, all the “everyday things” that you deal with at work every day (for example, paperwork), along with all the things that you consider necessary to be on your desk (like, for example, a family photo).

On your left is a couch, where you can relax a bit, when you are, for example, in between appointments. You can also use it to welcome clients, and offer them a place to sit.

On your right there is commode. On top of it is a quality fish tank that has LED lighting, proper filtering, and is filled with all sorts of interesting fish. Inside there are a lot of ornaments and sea plants.

In the corner there is a beautiful plant. You can put any plant you like there, and, you have to agree, there are a lot of good looking ones to choose from.

Keep in mind that this sort of office requires maintenance. It has to be cleaned, the plants need to be flowered, the fish need to be fed, and the tank has to be cleaned. Some people consider these “chores” to be of great help, because they contribute to your overall organization.

So, to conclude, after taking into consideration everything stated in the article above, you can conclude that having a good looking and efficient office environment has a lot of benefits. So, whether you are an employee or an employer, and you don’t have a good office, I suggest that you start working on improving this aspect of your life as soon as possible. You will find that, after a short period of time, you are actually looking forward to going to work. That way, you will be able to improve your business, and, in the end, you will end up a successful and prosperous individual. So, investing in your office is somewhat logical.

Author Bio:

Ivan Dimitrijevic is expirienced in blogging and social media. He writes about  interior design tips and modern ergonomic office furniture. Among other things he had articles published that consider a wide range of topics that include business consulting and self-improvement and stress management tips. Ivan writes on a variety of other topics including wellness and exercise and  relaxing effects of garden water features.  He is married, with a 4 years old daughter and he enjoys basketball, entertaining, and spending time with family. 

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