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how to get rid of the unwanted questions?

Posted by Nikhil

Plz help me.......Its been very very long that I am fighting wid the questions, which make no sense, which arise in my mind every now and a sort of question which is running through my mind these days is:----Is it like when we take some time to think about a word ....that word is the word which we speak v.less in our conversation and that's y we take some time to say it??? and the words which we use very often in our conversations come out faster????????

This is really nonsense thing..........buttt I can't help myself to get out of it...although I try to be busy .......butt these type of puzzling things remain wid me almost all the times??????? 

These questions really suck my confidence.......I don't interact wid the people.....I feel v. low..........

What to do??????????? Please answer me in a way to soothen my soul........

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Have you tried Bach Flower remedies? We've used them for various emotional/mental problems with great success. Advanced Bach Flower Therapy by Gotz Blome, M.D., is the book that we like best. Good Luck
Thanx beegie.........but will I get this book easily.....I live in Kanpur, India

Hi Nikhil,

The first thing i would  suggest you do is to write down the questions that you are having.

Then check to see if they make any sense.

Then you can ask me another question based on what you discover.




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