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How to deal with noisy work environment?

Posted by Anne P.

My window at work faces a huge construction site - there are cranes, jack hammers, trucks and air horns blasting away throughout the day. I wear earplugs and sometimes play music but find I can't think straight with all of this intrusive noise. Has anyone else found a good way to manage long term noise pollution?
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I have to say, I've been dealing with the same problem. It's amazing how exhausting it can be to have constant construction noise (a lot of which can sometimes be jarringly sudden!). I wish I could suggest something that I've learned from it, but nothing has really worked for me, either, other than taking a walk to get away from it a couple of times a day. Has anyone else found a successful way to manage noisy environments?
Depending on the kind of work you do, I've sometimes found that bosses are amenable to letting you work from home if there are external factors getting in the way of concentration or performance.
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