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How meditation helps teens in stress management

Posted by Rehab_for_Teens

Share your tips for anyone trying to overcome stress and addiction problems. Meditation is known for increasing self-awareness, how does it help in managing stress and addiction?
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Meditation not only affects the body but the mind too, in exactly the opposite ways that stress does, restoring the body to a calm, at the sametime helping the body to heal itself on its own and further preventing new damage due to the physical effects of stress.  If any person is experiencing any feelings of restlessness, anxiety or depression, they usually turn to their drug of choice to alter their state. Although it is a truth that many people round the globe is suffering from drug addiction, meditation has somewhat achieved a safe and natural cure for them.

yes meditation is ideal for teens health. Teen age is challenging, There are many stresses and need to reduced it. Through mindfulness, teens can learn that bad moods can be bad habits, and by noticing a bad mood before it gets out of control, Teens also feel healthy and fit.
One of the most effective ways to begin a meditation practice is to perform deep-breathing exercises. Children and teenagers often do not know when they are feeling stressed or what their triggers are. Even teens who don't yet want to engage in formal meditation can benefit from this exercise. Deep breathing helps the mind focus and eases feelings of stress.
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