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How many calories should i cut from my diet and how much should i increase my workouts by?

Posted by julesxx87

weigh 179lbs at present i am a 5ft4 female and i consume between 2000 and 2200 calories a day.
I would like to loose weight safely.How much should i cut my calorie intake and increase my exercise by? I would like to loose a maximum of 2lbs a week.I currently walk around 3 miles a day on the school runs in mornings and afternoons.I also workout at home doing a dvd 2-4 times a week and the dvd workout is 55 minutes.I try and walk everywhere. please help i dont know what to do to loose weight the right way.
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Go to and sign up. It's free and a GREAT site! When you do, go to the Daily Plate tab and enter in your weight. Then go to Calorie Goals, select your activity level, your height, weight, and how fast you wanna lose weight and POOF: the exact calorie goal. 


It's genius. And free. Gotta love Lance. 

I second Livestrong- it's a great resource. is also really good.
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