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How is Your Achievement IQ? NEW BOOK: Achievement IQ Moments

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:05pm

aiq-moments2.jpg BOOK REVIEW:

Achievement IQ Moments  by Mr. Achievement, Stanley Bronstein.

I love this book! A great read for anyone wanting to be reminded that no matter what happens in our lives, we can take the A.IQ leap to positively change our direction and destiny.

Bronstein interviewed 50 extraordinary people who have life and career stories proving that we can make a great life out of chaos, loss and confusion; that we can thrive wherever we are and look back over the detours and bumps and see that they all made sense to get where we are now.

Bronstein’s stories are 2-3 pages each. Quick reads and powerful real-life stories of people alive and well today, with dot com information to find each and learn more or even contact them!

This is the third in Bronstein’s books helping others get and stay on the path they truly want to live and experience, no matter what happens.

I highly recommend Achievement IQ Moments. Click here to order.


Achievement IQ Moments should be used in junior and senior high schools, colleges and as a gift for students and young people. Bronstein’s real-life stories of what others have done to get from there to here are positive, uplifting and practical. The choices his interviewees took to move through their personal tragedies, diversity and usual life-decision confusing times – to leap into the opportunities that created lives of success and joy – are brilliant role models for anyone, but so much more for those just starting on their life’s career paths. In fact, prisons might be a good candidate too!

What I love about Achievement IQ Moments is that the stories of those Bronstein interviewed are not the “same old names and stories” heard too many times. They are fresh and alive, here and now. Each one teaches how A.IQ Moments moved them beyond stuck places, obstacles and disasters. They teach and show steps to success and awesome lives that we all can relate too and strive to use and become.

Achievement IQ Moments offers the reader great examples and proof of helping others, support “up the ladder” and “out of the pits” of life by others. It reminds over and over that no one does it alone, no one moves into the best places of life alone. It also reminds the reader to be proactive and ask questions to let others know help is needed!

Achievement IQ Moments is written in short and sweet chapter stories, making it easy to read for any age, memorable and impactful.

In the dot com age, it’s nice to be able to follow up on each of the people in the stories of  Achievement IQ Moments for more information and/or to follow their lives and yet-to-unfold stories into the future. It makes it real and more personal too.

I’m all about underdogs! My favorite story of the many breakthrough stories in Achievement IQ Moments is Chapter 33, of immigrant and baker, Andrew Ly. What a wonderful story of one who kept on moving, even when everything said to stop, more than once, while carrying his family and others up the river of joy and abundance with him and his vision.

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