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How do we make ourselves fall sick? Is it possible?

Posted Oct 29 2010 9:35am
Unfortunately yes it is, and many around the world are facing these issues related with stress and anxiety everyday - but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the ability to practice reflection on whatever subject ails you will bring a new perspective, a calm insight with the power dissolve many of these issues.

We all live in our heads. We have infinite responsibilities. Work, Society, Religion, Family all tell us we have to perform a certain way, be a certain way... so how can we release ourselves from this constant push and pull, still perform at peak levels, and be relaxed while we do this?

All of us are at state of limbo here in the 'West', where life seems at the brink of overwhelming... and unfortunately for some it has tipped over into overwhelming - leading to anxiety, tension, stress, illness.

The first step to combat all of this is to bring awareness, light on the subject, so that you can view the reality of it before being consumed by it. Then through modern awareness techniques, reflection, and breath practice you can seperate your self from these stressors/challenges, never becoming consumed by them again - this is "The Way" of the Modern Meditation workshops I conduct.

A number of doctors i've been in contact with mention that 50-75% of all illnesses that come through their door are "Psychosomatic", largely brought on by tension and anxiety within the lives of the patient.

If you haven't heard of 'Psychosomatic Illness' or an illness brought on by something we've allowed to affect us (consciously or unconsciously) - here are some examples of what they are:

  • Illness as a socially accepted way of avoiding something unpleasant.
  • Illness as a subconscious mechanism of defense. There are many situations that people would rather avoid rather than deal with.
  • Illness as a cry for love, attention and warmth. When people get sick, they get attention, love and warmth from family members or friends.
  • Illness that signals a purpose crisis. There is a point in time when people begin to ask the question - What is the purpose of my life? Unable to answer this question, some people turn their illness into their purpose in life. Everything begins to revolve around it.

Our mind with all the powerful life impressions within it, creates our understanding of experience and everything in front of us. Our lifestyle as well has brought us into a fast paced environment where we're constantly being bombarded by new things we should have, or ways we should be living.

In an interview with Doctor Bruce Lipton Ph.D, who wrote the book "Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (and a Way to Get There from Here)"  , he mentioned a few key points to reflect upon when approaching our current state of illness, or health. His guidance is very insightful:

People should ask these questions:

•What is the meaning of my illness?

•What is the illness trying to communicate?

•What can be changed?

•What is the secondary gain from my illness?

One of the techniques that can be used when working with psychosomatic illness is to ask the person to imagine his/her problem. See if he/she can give that problem color, shape or movement. If the problem would look like something, what would it look like? Place it in a chair in front of you and ask the illness the following questions: What is it that you want to communicate to me? What is the point of my problem?

Listen to yourself without any judgment and notice the first thing that comes to your mind. What is it trying to communicate to you? Do not censor your answers.

When I asked one of my clients to place the problem in a chair, after a few minutes she had her eyes wide open. She saw her family member. She quickly confessed that her family member is a source of stress in her life, and that her health problem was a way to deal with this stress
Many times out of this simple state of reflection, you start seeing the simple truth of those challenges that are impacting your life. This awareness brings a deep understanding which will steadily allow you to view the challenge in light for what it really is, rather then having it blindly influence the outcome of the rest of your day.

Take 10 minutes out of your day to reflect without expectation on the thoughts that enter your mindscape. Allow these thoughts to enter, reflect and then allow other new, fresh thoughts to enter - this is a simple technique you can do at work or at home, starting the day off on the right foot or finishing it - allowing your mind to release all the knots that have arisen, practicing Life-Skills that your body and mind will be thanking you for in the years to come.
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