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how do i organize my life&my bedroom so i can be cleard minded?

Posted by chardi H.

i go to school from 9am till 3:30. i ride with a friend so we hafta go get her kids & then we get home by 4 but i get home and my mom wants to talk then i take a shower get some lounging clothing the time i get to my homework its time to go to bed then i dont get any thing done
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You may want to rethink your routine. It sounds like your routine has you devoting a lot of time to other people but not yourself. Rather than riding home with your friend, think of how you can get more time to yourself to get things done. And perhaps instead of talking to your mother, etc., when you get home, you can work on the things that need to be done first (schoolwork), then relax afterwards with friends, family, etc. Sometimes you have to be firm when it comes to setting your schedule and boundaries, when it comes to other people. Also, having some sort of calendar that splits your time up into hours could be useful, because you can plan ahead.
Set a schedule. If you're looking for time to workout try getting up a little earlier and doing it then. When you get home tell your mom ,in a nice way, that you can visit for twenty minutes and then you've got to start on your homework. It's understandable that she'd want to share your day. Just don't let it turn into an hour long session. See if you can find any small pockets of time during the day to work on your homework. You can do a lot in ten minutes.
tubs and baskets!. Oh, I was in your shoes just today! Get yourself to Target and buy a bunch of cute little plastic tubs and wicker boxes. I put magazines to be read, books, etc., in tubs that fit under the bed and be shoved away. You can keep all keepsakes in a nice wicker box -- in an emergency, you know exactly which box to grab! Also, I think you should buy things in the same soothing color -- pale blue, for example. If things look like they flow together visually -- all your "office" supplies, bedding, etc., it will look less chaotic right away!
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