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How do I jump start a weight loss plan to shed unwanted, energy squashing excess pounds that is within my reach?

Posted by Kennedy

The last two years have been very stressful on every front..... work and personal.  I know I need a plan that feels doable with attainable fast results to start.  I can't quite get out of my head and into action.......


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Hi Kennedy,

Before you can start a weight loss plan you need to relax.

 Here's why - Until you learn  how to relax  your mind will be very cloudy. You will have to deal with lots of inner chatter. Check out this free report




While big diet plans, exhaustive work-outs, and lot of mental effort is needed to lose the unwanted flab and get to that optimum weight you always wanted to achieve, there is much more to weight loss than you think. And much of it are simple basic things that slip off our mind, to read more check out

Hi Kennedy,

It might be helpful for you to start with writing out all the reasons why losing weight would make your life better.  For example, it might be such as gaining energy, feeling more confident, etc.  I find it's helpful to have many reasons to keep you motivated on the right path.  The next step would be to start small with an exercise plan and healthy eating plan.  Small steps are the best.  Instead of focusing on calories, it might be helpful for you to do some practices of being in your body, really assessing if you are feeling hungry or if you are eating emotionally.  Then try and eat only when you actually feel physical hunger.  If you need additional support, feel free to check out this blog I have written on the subject. 

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