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Heal Faster With Relocation Therapy

Posted Mar 11 2013 8:00am

Guest Post by Ken Torrino

House Traditionally, Americans are the most mobile people on the planet. They change jobs and move to different areas of the country all the time. Yet this is not always a question of forcible relocation. There are, of course, times when you move to a new city to take a better job, or your company transfers your position elsewhere. Sometimes, however, there are other reasons to make a change.

Emotional reasons often impel someone to consider altering their life in a fundamental way. This can take the form of a voluntary move to another city or another part of a large metropolitan area as a way of making a break with the past. You might be dealing with something like the death of a loved one that makes once-familiar surroundings replete with overwhelming memories of them. In a somewhat related vein, witnessing a tragedy or being the victim of a crime can often lead you to feel unsafe or emotionally detached in an area that you once regarded as secure and supportive.

What was once known simply as “making a change” is increasingly being looked upon in a more formal sense and is being referred to as Relocation Therapy . In either case, the idea is for you to mentally close a chapter in your life and generate fresh enthusiasm and greater happiness by entering into a new series of adventures. Even though the general circumstances of your life remain much the same, the relief that you feel represents a very genuine benefit. Now you may be asking yourself: How does this work? How can it be to my advantage to tear up my roots and move to someplace else? Well, here are a pair of plusses that might help you make the break.

• Control is the largest benefit of relocation therapy. Rather than feeling like a trapped pawn, someone who relocates regains that sense of making their own decisions and feels a restored power from having a say in how their own life is run.
• Redemption is another great advantage of relocation. It is perfectly understandable that you might feel a sense of failure or regret when things don’t work out as expected.

Relocating gives you the chance to escape those feelings and have a new crack at success without the burden of dissatisfaction carrying over into this new chapter.
In other words, a new city offers a vast array of new opportunities that can be as radical or as incremental as you feel comfortable with. Relocation Therapy can proceed in giant strides or in baby steps, as well as in every way in between. You can speed up the process or slow it back down, but the thing of most importance is that you can get started on it today.

This information was written by Ken Torrino, web relations for Elliman , brokers for New York City real estate.

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