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Having a crappy day? The best thing to do is exercise!

Posted by Kim N.

Probably the last thing you think you want to do. You've just had the worst day, where everything went wrong, and I'm telling you to exercise? But, another study has just come out that shows the antidepressant benefits of exercise. In fact, I could have told them this without wasting all that money on the study (just kidding of course)! Whenever I am stressed and angry, my back and shoulders tighten up. I get my butt out and run. It's like a release. It feels like I am running out my frustrations, and when I return, I am feeling much more focused and relaxed that if I had stayed in and just continued to stew. Which, is what this new study by the Karolinska Institute has shown; new brain cells are formed in the area of memory and learning as a result of an exercise session. So, use exercise as a stress release instead of alcohol or pills. It is cheaper, and much more effective.
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I am on a variety of deadlines and have a full plate of life+ business demands-- some that require me to go to events. Typically when I get pressed on the deadlines despite telling family that I am on deadline-- they aren't "hearing' me and I am going to have to say, I need HELP... or go find an office to get my work done.. because the stress is driving me NUTS suggestions? I have been doing some aspirations, intentions and pilates.. deep breathing,. need to drink more water, green tea.. and just go for more walks
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