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Had a 3 hour "nap" today!?

Posted by Kristy V.

Well. Ummmm. See, the thing is; I was really tired. And see this is the problem. I am in this cycle of waking up at around 8am- going straigt to class- coming home at around 2 0r 4 or 5ish and really needing a nap. So I nap for hours; which I am not sure if that is still technically considered a "nap"- or if it's a full fledged "sleep", but anyways- so then I wake up in the evening and can't sleep until 12ish and the cycle continues. I cannot wait until these finals are over and I feel like I can just suffer through a few tired afternoons to get back on track. When I come home with a report or paper or studying to do it's a catch 22: I feel like I cannot work on it without first sleeping, but I feel so darn guilty for sleeping. Hmmmm. One more week!!
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Kristy V.

There is so much going on I am not sure where to start. My question is how well  are you eating?

check out this blog post:



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