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Group Knitting as Group Therapy

Posted by Lara I.

My friends and I started an every other week knitting group some time ago. We get together, knit, and chat. We check in about things going on in our lives, and use knitting as a catalyst, and sometimes a metaphor, for understanding our daily thoughts and feelings. Last week, I started a knitting group at the outpatient mental health clinic where I work. Seeing five chonically mentally ill women, who have severe stress and anxiety, come together and bond over this new project, and keep their hands and minds busy on a task, was a powerful and rewarding experience.
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In Inverness a Friendship group has starting up recently with ladies getting together to knit and chat. It is going so well the next agenda is funding to keep it going.

The group now share their one plus disability cards to book functions at the local Theatre.

What's nice is they have become close friends and look out for each other.

In this society Friendship Groups are most needed to combat loneliness.

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