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Good Communication Skill: How Do I Acquire Good Communication Skill Quickly If I Am A Poor Communicator?

Posted Jun 23 2010 9:04am
Good communication skills on a can telephoneIf you are a solo professional or entrepreneur, one of the key to your success is to have good communicator Skill. One of the concerns that can drive you crazy is If somebody is stressed out, they need to step back and start listening. They need to take that on themselves.
Wayne: Is that right?
Cecil: No. You can’t do that because you are too stressed out to even consider it. You’re an intelligent person, we give you credit for that, but you’re tied up in a knot. In that state, you’re oblivious to everything.

What I’ve found from my private practice is that nothing happens and this continues and continues until somebody says, “I’m leaving the relationship,” or “I’ve had enough of this. I’m going to go.”

That’s how clients come to me. They say, “Cecil, I’ve been to therapists and I still have this problem. Nobody seems to help me.

What’s the problem?”

Then I say, “Nobody is listening to you.” I teach them how to listen, and then all of a sudden the relationship comes back together and they are fine.

The problem is that you need to hit a bump in a road or something has to happen in that relationship so somebody says, “I’m leaving,” and then they say, “We’d better get some help.”

That’s the only time both parties realize that nobody is listening, and it’s the only time people can be helped.

This will continue and it will get worse. Everything is going faster and faster, and that will continue and stress a relationship.
It doesn’t matter if it’s you and your partner, you and your boss, or you and your children. Nobody listens to anybody.

I feel sorry for the children because most parents today don’t listen to their children.

They’re too busy being busy. We have a very serious problem here and I don’t know what we’re going to do about it.

No matter how long you have been in business, chances are you are missing the key to be good communication skills. The good news: So used the information I outlined above to solve your problem and insure your healthy and happy life style.

Cecil McIntosh guides solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs worldwide to learn to relax, stress less and go with the flow so that you can quickly experience profound peace, power and work life balance. You can get the other 20 Tips of 21 no-brainer shortcuts to achieving health and happiness at    You can reach Cecil at


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