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Getting to the Benefits

Posted by Kenna M.

Being organized can lead to staying organized. I wonder how much time out of the day does it take to stay organized. The value of that end product -- organized -- is it worth it.

Take one hour a day getting organized, and then half an hour a day staying organized profits more than anyone can imagine.

Time saved, image, profits and esteem sum up the benefits of organized.

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I have always been organized, so I don't need to set aside time to stay organized, but I work with a guy that isn't so organized. Although his desk is messy, he tends to know where everything is and he is productive. So I have to wonder if he is more productive working with an organized chaos or if I am better off staying neat. I think everyone finds their own system to work with because I know I could never work in organized chaos.
How many tasks to you have a day? What is your products? See, I do so much everyday. I feel I need someone to follow me around and help catch up with my paper work and organizing. I love all that I do because it is all worthwhile. I would never drop what I do to get organized.
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