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Getting Enough Sleep Is Hard For College Students

Posted by Megan T.

I am in College and I NEVER get enough sleep. Even though I do go out at night more than normally, it is even on those nights where I stay in and do NOTHING that I still cannot fall asleep or get to sleep at a different hour... Now that I am working over the summer I am trying to get a better sleep schedule, but I always find myself staying up to watch a movie or go online -- I get distracted... I do not Know if I will EVER get enough sleep!
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Do something that will make you fall asleep because isn't stimulating enough. Instead of saying you'll watch tv for a bit, get ready for bed (so don't need to get up) get into bed and read. Unless it's a really really good one and you are really really awake, it's a perfect before bed activity because it can be fun and let you fall asleep. When I was in college I would get stressed with all the papers and readings. Sometimes I couldn't fall asleep because I knew I should be working (even though it was 3am). I'd have to keep my light on and a book open on my pillow and then I could fall asleep (I've had a problem all throug college and high school of falling asleep ontop of my studies because I didn't want to do them, guess this is a replica of that)
I have the exact same problem as Megan where I don't fall asleep even on nights where I have nothing to do.  I usually get in bed by 1:00 at the latest but never fall asleep before 3 or 4 am (sometimes I never fall asleep) so I have a lot of problems getting to my 9 am class...I haven't found a solution yet that doesn't rely on sleeping medications, although I think I'm going to try danielle's suggestion.  The only thing that can sometime help is to have something familiar playing in the background (a book on tape I've heard a million times or an episode of the office i've seen a bunch).  The familiarity makes it so I don't have to concentrate too hard on what's going on but it still helps so my mond doesn't race and sometimes I fall asleep.  Just a suggestion. Hope you find something that works for you.
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