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Get Rid of the Clutter!

Posted Feb 07 2008 1:20pm 3 Comments

What is holding you back? What is it that keeps going through your mind, preventing you from taking bigger action steps to making improvements in your life? Many keep setting things aside "to do later". We're all guilty of it. We procrastinate about our diet, our exercise needs, even the "clutter drawer" in the kitchen or dresser. We know we need to get rid of the clutter, however, we always find reasons to wait.

Today - start small. Clean out that clutter drawer. get rid of things you no longer need. Give stuff away to someone who might need it. Donate things to a local charity organization. Doing this will free your mind for greater growth. Getting rid of the clutter around your home or office helps get rid of the clutter in your thinking too. You'll feel good about passing things onto someone in need and you'll attract more good things in your life.

Your assignment: After you get rid of some clutter, post a comment here to let everyone know how you felt about it. Go! Do it now!

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Because I'm a bit of a pack rat, I de-clutter once a month. I get rid of as much as I can get myself to, donate it to the charity drive that does pick-ups in my town, and wait until the next month to do it again. Though it seems silly to do it so slowly, it really does work for me and my mind is much more at ease, because over the past few months, I have managed to get rid of so much stuff! My mind is at ease and my basement/cupboards/bedroom closet are better for it! I'm going to keep doing this monthly and by the time I'm done, I'll be at ease and free to spend my time however I like (rather than sifting through my stuff.)
I'm like Teresa now--it's important for me to clear my space on a regular basis. I used to be such a pack rat and I often found that the state of my apartment was reflective of the state of my mind...disorganized, muddled, occupying too much of the past, etc. I find it so therapeutic to let things go now, and I like the idea of traveling light and being freer this way.

I've just read two great books on this very topic recently --It's All Too Much -- An Easy Guide for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff and Move Your Stuff Change Your Life.

I spent the weekend clearing clutter, cleaning, re-arranging my stuff using the concepts of Feng Shui. I feel lighter and more energized. It's wonderful.

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