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Get organized during the holidays

Posted by Swati S.

A survey was conducted in collaboration with the Bank of America, centered around the holiday season. I thought I had some eye-opening results. We all know this, but it helps to see it on paper. So here goes. (1) During the holiday season, women are twice as likely to be stressed out than men. (I’m just thinking, could it be because they do most of the work?) (2) Most people said they experienced a “financial hangover” after the holidays. (3) The advice given was to save time and money by shopping and banking online.

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I have started doing a lot more shopping online. I used to think, "I don't want to pay for shipping!" -- but many sites this time of year have free shipping. Then, I thought that I wanted to touch or smell the thing I was getting. But being in the mall this time of year, with all the people, give me panic attacks. Plus, let the site wrap your gift -- even if it costs a couple dollars extra! I can't even imagine the energy your gift from the mall gives off this time of year --"It took 30 minutes to find the parking place!" Plus, let the company take the risk of shipping...I recently mailed out some stuff myself and it took A MONTH to get there, even with Priority Mail! I was on the phone to post offices in THREE different cities! Shop online and add years to your life...
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