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Get more ZZZ's

Posted by Stephanie W.

It seems that everyone I talk to these days is having a hard time sleeping. They either struggle getting to sleep, wake up mid-sleep, or can't sleep at all. When you notice you're having trouble getting the ZZZ's you so desperately need, here are some easy things to do, to ensure a restful, peaceful sleep... *Cut the least within 4 hours of bedtime. I know, who can go with their non-fat soy latte, right? But, as we all know, caffeine is a stimulant and not the most sleep-friendly beverage you could be drinking (not to mention, not the most healthy period). Try cutting caffeine from your diet as much as possible. If you need your morning fix, then try Black tea in the AM, followed by green or white tea throughout the day. It's a much healthier alternative. *Get your vitamins. Make sure you're getting enough calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin B & C, all shown to help have a calming effect and promote a restful state. *Take a soak. Baths are ritualistic practices in many cultures. Take the cue from them and take a nice long soak in your tub before bedtime. Add a little lavender oil, light some candles and relax. *Turn off the tube. TV is definitely a culprit in the struggle for sleep. Even if you're not watching distressing events on the news, television is still over-stimulating to our nervous system. Try not to watch TV at least 3 hours before bed. *Go natural. Instead of taking Lunestra or other prescribed medication that has unwanted side-effects, go for something herbal. Valerian Root and Kava Kava are two herbs that are all good for helping to overcome insomnia. Take the recommended dosage before bed. One important point to note: it's best not to take one single herb continuously, but to rotate among several. For more information on herbs for insomnia visit:
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