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Float Therapy

Posted by Mary Ann P.

If you've got back pain, hypertension, or a host of other stress related problems you might try float therapy. It was developed in the 1950's by John Lilly at the National Institute for Mental Health. They were testing the effects of sensory deprivation by putting people in isolation tanks when they discovered the benefits it could have to our health. Now they add large amounts of Epsom salts to the water so you can easily float. This reduces the pull of gravity on your body and reduces cortisol. This allows your body to heal itself faster and reduces your over all levels of stress possibly for up to a week afterwards. To find a float tank near you log on to I know I'm going to try it out the first chance I get.
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To learn more about the many health benefits of float therapy, visit

 To go straight to the page that has all the US & Canada floatatation centers, visit

Float Therapy

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