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Fight Stress by Getting Your Finances in Order

Posted by Lela D.

Are money worries getting the better of you? Almost everyone has wondered where the rent is coming from at least once, but if you are chronically worried about your finances, it's having an adverse affect on your health. Fighting over money is also the number one cause of divorce. Try the following to alleviate stressing over dollars: - Make a Plan: There are countless websites, books, and classes you can take to get in control of your finances. These are important resources that teach you not only how to handle your money, but how to think about it as well. - Confide: Find at least one friend or counselor you can discuss financial troubles with. It helps to alleviate the feeling of being alone, and to put fears into perspective. - Accept: When you accept yourself and your situation just the way it is right now, you are then free to move on, making better future decisions regarding your financial health. - Seek Spiritual Guidance: Those with a strong faith or spiritual practice are often able to set aside temporary setbacks because of their belief that things will work out for the best eventually. While this may not improve your situation, it will decrease the stress associated with it. - Get Help: If you are in serious trouble, get serious help. Debtors Anonymous offers a methodical program. You can also consult with a therapist if profound issues of self-esteem are causing financial trouble. I'm sure there are other great ways to beat financial stress. I welcome them here, but please - no business opportunity offers. Thanks!
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I agree. there is nothing more stressful than worrying about money. A visit to a good financial counselor can relieve more stress than a massage.
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