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Facial Twitches - are they all the same? What about lip twitches?

Posted by Bri6465

When I was younger, sometimes my eye would twitch as commonly described.  Lately, my upper lip has been twitching (same side of my face as previously stated eye twitches) and I am unsure as to the cause.  Perhaps it is stress or lack of sleep or energy (college student during midterms). But with it being my senior year, I find it difficult to imagine that this is a new development of stress related symptoms.  Why would my lip twitch?  Or any other body part, for that reason?  The only answers I have receive thus far pertains to sleep deprivation, malnutrition, or stress (all which could be, but seems irrelevant since it is a new symptom and the same pressures have been instituted previously).  Please is driving me CRAZY!!!!
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