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Exercise while you travel

Posted by Swati S.

If you travel a lot, then regular exercise probably is a big issue. My husband had the same problem, and it was serious interfering with his weight loss program. But he came up with some handy things to be able to exercise even when on the go. Try and see if they work for you as well.

The pool at the hotel where you are staying can be both relaxing, and a great exercise place.

The hotel gym is another place you can head to for a good work out.

Carrying an exercise video is also a good option.

How about taking along a skipping rope as an exercise tool?

If all else fails, just carry your walking shoes, put them on, and take a run!

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I've found the best way to exercise when traveling is the easiest one. Do laps in the pool. That way, you're tricking yourself into thinking you're still doing something fun and vacation oriented, but you're keeping yourself fit, too.
If you have an iPod, there are plenty of free fitness video podcasts that you can download with yoga and pilates workouts, and other audio podcasts to get you up and moving for a workout. I love using my iPod for this when I travel!
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