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Exercise May Cause Insomnia

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Schedules are crazy these days. Work, kids and responsibilities at home keep us busy constantly. If a lack of sleep due to insomnia is making things worse, you may want to look at your workout schedule. When you participate in strenuous activity late in the day it raises your body temperature. This can make it harder to sleep. Experts say it is better to give yourself 3-4 hours to cool down before going to bed. I like to get up early and workout before I get the kids up. When do you work out?
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They say, whoever "they" is today. In the morning you give your metabolism a kick start with exercise. Plus, it's nice to get it over with! If I save it until later, I always have something hanging over my head all day. "I should be exercising - When am I going to do my workout?" The earlier the better works best for me.
I enjoy going to the gym or for a bike ride after work because I'm lazy in the morning (the truth be told, I want to maximize my time in pj's). Plus, I don't like waking up early to exercise, go back home to clean up, and then head out for work. My gym is 5 minutes from the office and it's on the way home with a Whole Foods in the plaza, so there is really no excuse!
Although i really do applaud anyone who can wake up before 12pm and go workout - that is DEFINITELY not for me... I'm not saying that i'm a lazy person (which i actually may be), but i'll take all the sleep i can get in the morning. I'm pretty used to getting off work around 6, going home to have dinner, letting the food digest for a while... and going to the gym (for about 2 hours) at around 9 or 10. With that schedule, i end up going to sleep at around 1 or 2 in the morning.. (hmmm... come to think of it.. my late night exercise could be causing my insomnia)
i go to the gym everyday 5 times a week for and hour of cardio and recently i just cant sleep i go to the gym around 6pm and go to bed around 10.30 pm and i try and get to sleep and i just cant! and when i do get to sleep i wake up straight after. This goes on for about 6- 7 times in the night its terrible just makes me feel so tired! :( any help guys? xx
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