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Exercise as Anger Management

Posted Feb 01 2008 11:16am

We used to have nice things.

This morning, I was downstairs working on a project and did not maintain “ears” on the little ones. I hear the dripping of water in the lower bathroom and immediately think, “Oh, no! A pipe has burst!” I run upstairs and the pipes are fine. Two toddlers, playing in a sink stuffed with baby wipes and creating a waterfall into the room is what I find.

I groan and speak a bit louder than normal (We don’t scream. I read Screamfree Parenting), “NOT AGAIN!!! OUT! NOW! What are you doing?! I told you the bathroom is off limits! We don’t play in the sink!”

What should I do when those great big eyes look up at me, “Mommy, I’m all wet! Look at the floor.” Large grins plastered on both of their cherubic faces! Argggghhh, they haven’t a clue that they’ve done something wrong.

Finding a balance between discipline, constant supervision and keeping a house in tack is a source of many frustrations. So where do I channel this pent up anger? I exercise.

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How do you channel your anger?

- Go Workout Mom

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