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Exclusively For Parents: 4 Tips For Better Parenting That Will Save Your Relationship…

Posted Aug 13 2010 7:04am
One of the main concerns I have encountered working with parents over the last 14 years is the fact that they are always looking for better parenting ideas.
 Better Parenting - Joy of Parenthood 
Although they are well intentioned this behaviour can cost parents, mega bucks poor health and the lost of a relationship.
It hurts my heart to see this happen because of false ways of thinking when they are several ignored solutions that not only can save them lots of money, but make their dream of happy parenting a reality.
The good news: I am going to reveal the myth that created this problem and provide you with 4 tips for better parenting that will save your relationship.

Here’s the myth: Stress stops you from taking a break.

Wayne: Cecil, we just don’t want to stop, do we?

Cecil: We think we need to go, go, go… Life is not like that. You need to stop and breathe.

#1: I’ve noticed in my private practice that parents seem to have the concept that they need to look out for their children. I see this often in baby boomers. They see their children through. They go to soccer and college or university.

#2: They spend a lot of time working with their children to get them to college or university. In the interim, they’ve accumulated some material goods but the focus is on the child.

#3: Then the child graduates from the university. At that point in time, the husband and wife have spent so much time devoted to the children that they forget to communicate between themselves.

#4: As a consequence, you have this beautiful home with the mortgage paid off and are together now because the children have left to get married but you don’t have anything in common because all of the time seems to have been spent getting the children where they needed to go.

One of the biggest challenges for better parenting is to be able to slow down and stop putting others first. It’s important to remember that you have needs which must also be met in order to have a healthy relationship.

I hope I have helped to change your thinking. When you realize how simple and easy it is to take care of yourself as well as others on a daily basis, you will look forward with excitement to search and find more opportunities to have fun each day.

We welcome your feedback. Tell what you think in the comments below. Peace

Cecil McIntosh, guides solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs worldwide to clear your head, learn to relax, stress less and overcome chronic symptoms so that you can quickly experience profound peace, power and work life balance. You can get the other 20 Tips of 21 no-brainer shortcuts to achieving health and happiness at  You can reach Cecil at

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