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End of Summer Clothing Sort, Store and Swap

Posted Aug 19 2009 4:53pm


Soon enough you’ll be putting away those swim suits and shorts and digging out the sweaters and socks. The beginning of the school year is a good time to do this sorting for children.

If your children have outgrown their summer clothes, won’t wear them again next year or just want to clear some space, it’s time to sort, store and swap!


At the beginning or end of each season is a good time to sort through what hasn’t seen the light of day and move it out so others can enjoy it.

1. SWAP: Some clothes may be just right sizes for friends, family or other school kids who can use them this year. Put into a SWAP box. Call these families and tell them to do the same if you all have kids the same sizes and growing into sizes you need. Plan a day at one of your homes and bring all the clothes - SWAP! Have a fun day adding to your child’s wardrobe, trading clothes for free.

2. DONATE: The clothes that are not swapable or no one has that size child - put into a DONATE box. I let the thrift store employees decide whether they are “good enough” or not to keep moving along.

Read more about SHWAPPING for adults items too!

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