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Ease into Fall

Posted by Heather J.

The fall equinox occurred on (Sunday, September 22.). By Ayurvedic principles, the Vata dosha (aspect) governs the body in the fall. This aspect often suffers at the change of the season, resulting in disturbed digestion, dry, itchy skin, and sleep problems. To ease into the new season, follow these detoxifying tips:

1. Dry brush before taking a shower. Use a soft, natural bristle brush to gently stroke the skin up towards the heart—believed to increase circulation and energy.

2. Eat a hearty breakfast. Add some almonds, honey, and warming ginger to granola or oatmeal.

3. Try tea. Replace coffee, which is dehydrating, with a Vata tea of warming spices, which is good for digestion.

4. Get ghee. Try cooking with ghee, a natural, salt-free, lactose-free butter (minus the milk-solids). Runner up: Olive oil.

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Fall generally makes me more tired than usual, but I've been following Ayurvedic detox tips for a few years now, dependent on seasonal changes, and I find that most of your tips are great for combatting the sleepies. I also recommend eating more fall foods--soups, squash, nuts, etc.
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