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During A Disaster, Question Early Solicitors – Advice From Longmont, CO Police During Recent Flood

Posted Sep 19 2013 2:03am

salesman - illustration

During a disaster there is enough stress, worry and fear, we don’t need people “coming to our rescue” with great deals on home repair or whatever.

Due to our devastating flood this past week in 15 northern Colorado counties, the vultures are out and scouting weak prey. So very sad.

But, you can guard against them and take care of yourself and your bank account. This information is relevant anywhere.

First, please be cautious. You don’t have to make rash decisions.

Here is what else our Longmont Police Department shared in our newspaper this week to do to be safe.

LONGMONT POLICE: Be cautious about solicitors entering their neighborhoods.

Solicitors are required to possess an active City of Longmont sales and use tax license, Cmdr. Jeff Satur said. He said that any resident who has questions about whether a solicitor has a tax license may call 303-651-8672.

Satur reminded residents that it is unlawful to solicit from any private residence where a sign is conspicuously displayed with the words “NO SOLICITORS” or “NO SOLICITING.”

“It is also unlawful for a solicitor to remain and refuse to leave immediately after being requested by the resident to leave, whether or not any signs are displayed,” Satur said in a press release.

“If someone at your door is suspicious, ask for a business card and get a description of the person and any vehicle, if you can safely obtain one,” Satur said. “Call the police non-emergency number at 303-651-8501. Try to provide height, build, hair color, and clothing above and below the waist, license plate, type and color of a car — any details that allow the police to pick out the person from everyone else out there.

“It is always a good practice not to open the door to someone you are unfamiliar with. If you have a screen door, leave it locked. Do not invite anyone into your residence.”

Satur said it might be necessary for the resident to testify in court if a ticket is issued for a violation that occurs before police are called.

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