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Dry brush to detox!

Posted by Tamar F.

I have been reading for years about the importance of dry brushing your body before a shower to get rid of toxins, especially in natural and Ayurvedic books. I have given a shot at dry brushing in the past, trying both natural loofas and brushes. Both would get disgustingly moldy in my shower.

Enter Boots Chemists’ detox body brush, now imported through Target. It’s small and easy to hold in the hand, while later stashing in a dry area. The package explains that they lymphatic system helps remove waste products through the circulatory system, while revving up the circulatory system. There’s even a diagram to show how to do the brushing, going towards the lymph glands.

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Yes, I have been drying brushing since I was sixteen. I won't tell you how old I am now. Pavo Arola (not sure about the spelling) wrote a book called How to Get Well. He mentions dry brushing with a natural bristle brush. Anyway, I do it every morning -- it's great -- wonderful for the metab too. I can go on and on about brushing my skin. I never miss a day. I even take it with me when I travel. Although I don't take it with me when I go camping. We must not forget that our skin is an organ and needs caring too.
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