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Drink your stress away?

Posted by vicki l.

No, not THAT kind of drinking. There's a new product out called Blue Cow that is promoting itself as a safe way to reduce stress without drowsiness, and with 0 calories, caffeine, carbs and sodium, to boot. So what does it have? Accoring to the Web site,, it contains: Chamomile, Hops, Passion Flower, Hawthorne Berry, Lemon Balm and something the company calls Suntheanine, a patented brand of pure L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea that is used for reducing anxiety, increasing alpha waves and boosting alertness in about 30 to 40 minutes. I'm typically pretty skeptical of these sorts of things - preferring to reduce stress naturally - and the Web site doesn't indicate how much Suntheanine it contains. It does, however, indicate that a 10-ounce bottles should do it. Does anybody have experience with L-Theanine or Blue Cow? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. Is it better to drink your stress away or work it out?
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I am also skeptical about products such as these. Why not just go to the gym, go for a short walk, or take a deep breath? I know chamomile is good for relaxing, so why not just have a simple cup of chamomile tea? I've never seen this stuff, but I rather reduce stress another way...
Why not just drink Green tea? I do that. It’s natural and has multiple health benefits. L-Theanine boosts alertness but it also helps to increase the rate of body metabolism – which helps to burn fat more quickly. Green tea’s powerful antioxidant strength is known to be an anti-aging agent, it also helps to regulate normal levels of cholesterol and glucose. Instead of BlueCow, I’d go straight for the Green tea. I find it more convenient to take a Green tea concentrate like Green Tea Plus. Just a few drops, equivalent to the antioxidant value of 6 freshly brewed cups, in water or juice and I’ve had my Green tea quota for the day !

Hi Vicki l,

I am not familiar with "blue cow."

I think the question you are asking is- Is it better to drink your stress away or work out.

I am not sure you can drink your stress away because each drink will only bring you temporary stress relief. And then you will have to continue drinking.

Working out also presents the same challenge. It brings you temporary stress relief and then you have to go back and work out again.

I have written an article which answers your challenge:-

Tell me what you think. 



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