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Don't Knock TV

Posted by Stephanie B.

So many people poo-poo TV as being this horrible thing, but I think in moderation TV can be a wonderful way to reduce stress. I don't watch it all the time, and I don't sit there for hours on end vegging out. I do identify shows that I really love and enjoy, and I take time out to watch them. It becomes a small way that I treat myself during the week.
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I think that for me, the problem is that television can be distracting and addictive. I do believe that in moderation it's fine but lately I've noticed that I often turn it on in order to avoid doing things I should be doing, like work. I think I pooh-pooh television mainly because it's so hard to find anything intelligent and funny on anymore--it's either these grand poobah political pundits admiring their own hot air or reality TV ad infinitum. I remember when I was younger and it was really easy to tune into a cool documentary or something else I could both enjoy and learn from, but it's a little harder these days.
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